More photos! (Most of these photos are by David Packer.)

If you have photos online, please post a comment with a link! If you would like to add your photos to our Picasa set, please email the photos to us (blockpartyles [at] gmail). Thanks! See you around the LES!


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Partying Is Hard Work

The block party was actually fun! It seemed like a disaster at first – picking up the rental van & equipment took longer than expected, there were missing tables, some people didn’t show up, other people wanted to park their cars, & the police hadn’t even put the barriers up!

So we put up some cones, a sign & some balloons in the middle of the street and stopped traffic ourselves. Once the kids came out onto the street to play & draw, no one questioned whether the street was open for cars.

The street is a canvas!

The street is a canvas!

Everything went smoothly after that: the liquid nitrogen ice cream was delicious & no one was hurt; people hung out in the street; kids drew & played frisbee & jumproped; and all the musicians & bands were great! [In case you didn’t catch their names at the party, they were (in order of appearance): Bill Grady, The Last King of England, J’aime and I, and Last Year’s Model.]

The one unfortunate part of the party was that only 5 people donated blood at the Blood Mobile across the street (and one of those people worked for the Blood Center). They’re having a shortage of blood and platelets right now, so if you’ve been saving up your blood for someone who really needs it, now’s your chance to donate!

The Broome Street Block Party would like to thank Transportation Alternatives & the LES BID for all their help. We would also like to thank SAVE.khaki for donating electricity & their outlets when our generator failed. And thank you Half Yard & Food Lab for the amazing ice cream! And of course, we’re very, very grateful for all the people who hung out with us at the party, especially the residents of Broome Street. We had a great time & hope everyone else did too!

We apologize to anyone who couldn’t find parking 😉

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Less than 48 hours to go

We got the sound permit from the precinct & are ready to go! All transportation, sound rental, etc etc reservations have been made; we have balloons, sidewalk chalk, and some caution tape (just in case); we’ve checked a million times; we hunted everyone down & they’ve either confirmed that they’ll be at the party (hooray!) or backed out (which made us very very sad).

But the party will go on!

no parking

no parking

Nothing can stop us now! It’s official!

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One more week!

Everything’s almost set – we even have a schedule for the party! All that’s left is to pick up our permit from the city & our sound permit from the precinct, confirm with a couple organizations, and reserve our equipment rentals. We’re pretty nervous & excited. How about you?

We’re also very happy to have the LES BID working with us on this event. The blood bank needs help right now, so the BID is going to have a blood drive at the block party. Please show them your support and donate.

See you soon!

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Less than a Month to Go / Ice Cream Makes It Official!

An admission: This is a lot more work than we expected.

That being said, things are looking better all the time! We have ice cream! Even with the permits, music, and other events, it didn’t feel like we were planning a real party until Half Yard Productions said they could bring ice cream. They’re shooting a pilot for a new cooking show with two crazy scientist chefs, Johnny & Dave, at the party. The chefs will be making 300 gallons of ice cream with liquid nitrogen in the back of a pickup truck and giving it away at the party! So bring out your ice cream cones and sprinkles on Sept. 7th, if you’re into that kind of thing. And don’t worry, the pilot will not be aired, so your face is safe from the scrutiny of tv-viewers nationwide.

Also, a new local bike shop, Dah Shop (134 Division Street), will be hosting a bike diagnostic station at the party. If you bring your sick bikes to them, they’ll tell you what you need to get it back in shape again. And if you’re looking to get into biking or have any questions, you can ask them or Transportation Alternatives as well.

We’re still waiting for confirmation from the bands. They’re all really fun and danceable, we hope they say Yes. We’re also really excited that Stoked Mentoring is going to have an activity at the party. It’s a great non-profit that mentors at-risk youth through sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.

And finally, the LES BID is going to have a health fair one block over from us. So you can get yourself checked out, learn about health services, donate some blood, get some ice cream to get your blood sugar back up & dance with us!

Want to volunteer or get involved? Leave a comment or contact us! Also, if you or someone you know would like to donate a P.A. system, we will be forever grateful.

See you soon!

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CB3 Approves!

We didn’t have to go to the full board meeting. It’s amazing that they post the votes online so quickly. Also, CB3 seems to be very pro-block party. Phew.

Other news:

  1. Bands will be picked this weekend. Monday at the latest.
  2. SCORE! might have some fun, educational activities for the block party (they’re kind of local, right?).
  3. New York City Coalition Against Hunger might be a part of the party too.

Thanks for checking in! As always, if you would like to join in organizing the party or an activity (especially if you’re a resident!), please email us. We will get back to you.

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CB3 Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting + AAFE photos

The committee gave us a hard time about having amplified sound, but voted to recommend approval for our party anyway. The full board meeting is next Tuesday and they will decide whether or not to approve our party. No word from the city yet.

The committee was also concerned about our use of a promoter. For future reference: don’t include a promoter on the application form if your party is small. The CB thinks of promoters as a professional who will be bringing in large acts or companies to a party of thousands. Our promoter is just one person who has a different full-time job. It would have been better to leave that part blank.

Also, letters from well-known non-profit organizations helped us get our party through this round of approval. Individuals are allowed to apply for block party permits, but the CB seemed wary of us and kept asking, “Who are you? Who is sponsoring this party?” The Tenement Museum and Transportation Alternatives were kind enough to provide us with letters that helped make our operation legitimate.

As promised, some photos from the AAFE party after the jump.


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